Body Painted TarotA Short Preview

Melissa is in the process of creating a deck of 78 tarot cards. Target completion date 8/31/2016, with tarot decks available for presale bu 6/31/2016. There are no plans to release additional images prior to completion next year. If you would like to contribute funding for this project, please paypal paintme@paintedyou.com. This is not a commissioned project, and purely a labor of love to create a large body of beautiful imagery, funded completely out of the artist's pocket and generosity of models available to contribute their time and body to this body paint project.

The Empress

This card represents fertility, mother nature, pregnancy


OF Wands

Means goals coming to fruition, your hard work is paying off


Artist Inspired

Represents balance and gracefully juggling your life.

iron bodypainting

Represents Joy and Celebration.